The Wigan Borough Environment & Heritage Network

Developing ideas for the future by building on the successes of the past

The next meeting will be held 13th September 2021 via Zoom #604767040

The Wigan Borough Environment & Heritage Network is the forum for anyone concerned with Environment, Heritage, History and Archaeology matters, throughout the entire Wigan Borough, to meet on a regular basis and exchange news, views and aspirations

E & H Network meetings allow members of the public to be engaged in consultation with Leisure & Culture Trust and other Council Departments, on matters concerning our Environment & Heritage.

If you are interested in attending a meeting or becoming a member of this group, please contact the secretary.

See the Environment & Heritage Network's constitution

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Minutes from the previous meetings

2021 Aug 10th, Jul 12th, Jun 14th, May 10th, Apr 12th, Mar 1st, Feb 1st Jan 4th

2020 Dec 7th, Nov 2nd, Oct 5th, Sep 7th, Aug 3rd, Jul 6nd, Jun 2nd, May 4th, Mar 2nd, Jan 20th

2019 Oct 28th, Sep 16th, Aug 5th, Jun 24th, May 13th, Apr 1st, Feb 18th, Jan 7th

2018 Oct 15th, Sep 3rd, Apr 23rd, Mar 12th, Jan 29th

2017 Sep 25th, Aug 14th, May 22nd, Apr 10th, Jan 23rd

2016 Sep 19th, Aug 8th, Jun 27th, May 16th, Apr 4th, Feb 22nd, Jan 11th

2015 Oct 5th, Aug 24th, Jul 13th, Jun 1st, Apr 13th, Feb 23rd, Jan 12th

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2013 Nov 4th, Jul 29th, Jul 1st, May 20th, Apr 8th, Feb 25th, Jan 14th

2012 Dec 3rd, Oct 22nd, Sep 10th, Jul 30th AGM, Jun 18th, Mar 26th, Feb 13th, Jan 9th

2011 Nov 21st, Oct 17th, Sep 5th, Jul 18th, Jun 6th, Apr 18th, Mar 14th, Jan 31st

2010 Nov 8th, Sep 27th, Aug 16th, Jul 5th, May 24th, Apr 19th, Mar 8th, Jan 25th

2009 Dec 14th, Nov 2nd, Sep 21st, Aug 3rd, Jun 22nd AGM, May 11th, Mar 30th, Feb 16th, Jan 12th

2008 Nov 24th, Oct 13th, Sep 1st, Jul 21st, Jun 8th AGM, Apr 14th, Jan 7th

2007 Nov 30th, Oct 15th, Sep 7th, Jul 23rd, Jun 15th, Apr 30th, Mar 16th, Feb 5th

2006 Dec 18th, Oct 30th, Sep 18th, Jul 17th, Jun 12th, May 8th