Wigan Borough Environment & Heritage Network

Meeting minutes

10.30 am June 24th 2019 at the Museum of Wigan Life
Glenys McClellan (Leigh Family History Society), Bob Bruce (Astley Green Colliery), Avis Freeman (Leigh Soroptimists), Joe Taylor (Billinge History Society) John O’Neill (Greenheart), Mary Pennington (Wigan Archaeological Society), Ken Barston (Stubshaw Cross Residents group), David Shallcross (Leigh Ornithological Society), Neil Forshaw (George Formby Society), Derek Wilde (Wigan Family History Society) Jenny Giggs (Wildlife Trust), Stuart Morris (Carbon Landscapes).
Robert MacDonald (MBC), Peter Goodwin (Tradition Films)Alex Miller (MBC), Richard Sivil (Atherton Heritage), Eileen Walsh and Eileen Bithell (BETA), .
Minutes of the last meeting. True and accurate.

Matters Arising. None.
Jenny Griggs updated those present with the many projects that Wildlife Trust is engaged with.
Stuart Morris spoke at length about flood management and the pros and cons of dealing with floods either by natural or traditional methods. Members then partook in a picture exercise to help Stuart with his project.
Planning for Next Meeting.
The next meeting, 5th August, was to be held at the Town Hall but subsequent to the meeting, the venue has been changed to our usual space - the Discovery Room.
The purpose of this meeting is to compare strategy with ourselves and the CEO plus two Councillors, regarding the Historic Heritage Strategy and the New Cultural Strategy
Members are requested to prepare for this meeting and ask members of their various organisations for suggestions and input.
Members Reports:
Members requested to email in reports they wish including in the minutes.
Mary gave out copies of the latest Archaeology Society newsletters.
David reported that the Ornithological Society had recently featured on local radio regarding Pennington Flash.
Next Meeting 5th August Discovery Room 10.30.