Wigan Borough Environment & Heritage Network


Adopted on the 18th of December 2006

1 Name
The group will be called the 'Wigan Borough Heritage Network' herein after known as the 'Group'

2 (a) Aims
To provide a forum where persons and community based organisations, concerned with archaeology, history and heritage matters throughout the Wigan Borough, are able meet on a regular basis, to exchange news, views and aspirations

To promote interest in and maintain appreciation of the archaeology, history and heritage of the entire Wigan Borough, its culture, buildings and natural environment, by whatever means are within the capabilities of the Wigan Borough Heritage Network

2 (b) Objectives
To support, promote and resource members and member organisations in achieving the aims of the Wigan Borough Heritage Network

To work in partnership with relevant Wigan Council Departments and Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust in matters concerning archaeology, heritage and history

To provide community representation on the LSP and relevant thematic partnerships

2 (c) Future Action Plan
To identify and map all points of heritage significance throughout the Wigan Borough and to devise strategies to preserve them for future generations

3 Conditions of Membership
Membership of the Group shall be open to any person who is an inhabitant of the Wigan Borough, who has an interest in furthering the aims and will abide by the rules of 'The Group'. Membership will be free to all; members will be asked to volunteer their time and expertise in assisting the group to further its aims.

Rules or Powers

In order to achieve its aims 'The Group' may:
· Liaise with organisations across the borough to run events and publicity campaigns to engage local people in activities that raise awareness about heritage.
· Apply for grants and open a bank account to enable the receipt of funding
· Ensure appropriate guidelines are followed in order to reduce any risks e.g. take out insurance and assess risks of hosting events
· Do anything that is lawful to help achieve its aims, provided that no rule is inconsistent with the constitution.

5 Conditions of Membership to the Management Committee
Membership of the Management Committee shall be open to people over eighteen years of age and there can be opportunity for co-opting of members onto the committee should there be an interest from persons under 18.

Those present at the meeting shall elect the Management Committee when the constitution is accepted.

Wigan MBC and Wigan L&CT shall have automatic right to one seat each on the management committee

The Management Committee shall consist of no less than six members and no more than ten members.

The Management Committee has the power to co-opt members onto the Management Committee providing that the co-opted members stand down at the next Annual General Meeting

The term of The Management Committee shall be until the next AGM when all seats shall be vacated and re-elected

6 Meetings of the Management Committee
A Chairperson/Secretary plus the other members of the Management Committee who are elected annually at a meeting convened for this purpose shall conduct the business of the organisation.

The Management Committee shall hold at least six meetings per year and may hold other such meetings as are required; the full membership of 'The Group' shall be invited to attend and participate in all meetings. Should consensus not be reached on any issue and if a vote is required, only the elected members of the Management Committee shall cast a vote

Voting at Management committee meetings shall be a show of hands and the Chairperson will have the deciding vote

At least four members of the Management Committee must present for Management Committee meeting to take place.

The Management Committee has the power to remove any member of the Management Committee for good and proper reason; however any such person will have the opportunity to have their viewpoint heard before a decision is made.

6 (a) Annual General Meetings (AGM)
An Annual General Meeting shall be held within fifteen months of adopting this constitution. The secretary shall give at least twenty-one clear days notice in writing to all members. The business shall include:

(i) Minutes of previous AGM.
(ii) Consideration of Annual Report prepared by Management Committee.
(iii) Consideration of Annual Statement of Accounts.
(iv) Election of Management Committee.
(v) Any other relevant business.

A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Chair or by request to the Secretary by one third of the members of 'Group'. Seven clear days notice of such a meeting must be given.

The quorum at all General Meetings shall be ten members of 'The Group'

7. Finance/Accounts
Any funds received or generated by the Group shall be kept in a bank approved by the Management Committee. The treasurer will be responsible for maintaining proper records of all money received and paid by the Group.

All cheques must be signed by at least two out of three members of the Management Committee.
Accounts will be independently examined on annual basis.

The Group may reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket expenses to group members, where appropriate.

8. Equal Opportunities
The Group shall operate in a non-discriminatory way while seeking to maintain its aims and objectives. The Group will avoid discriminating on the grounds of age, race, gender, disability, sexuality or religion.

9. Amendments to the constitution
Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed at any Management Committee Meeting but will not be voted upon until the next Management Committee Meeting. At least fourteen days notice of a proposed amendment must be given to every member of 'The Group' before the date of the meeting where an amendment to the Constitution will be voted upon and at that meeting, all present will have the right to vote

10. Dissolution
'The Group' may be wound up at anytime by a resolution passed by two thirds of a majority of those people present and voting at a General Meeting of which at least twenty one clear days notice shall be sent to all the members.

After settling all debts, any remaining funds shall be transferred to another similar group as approved by the majority above.

Signed, dated and agreed:
This constitution is signed by the first Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and the management committee members of 'The Group'

………………… Joe Taylor …………………………………………………. Chair

………………… Peter Taylor ……………………………………………….. Secretary

………………… Peter Guy …………………………………………………. Treasurer

………………… John O'Neil, Ray Hutchison, Philip Butler & Thomas Price……….. Committee Members