Wigan Borough Environment & Heritage Network

Meeting minutes

10.30 am February 18th at the Museum of Wigan Life
Avis Freeman (Leigh Soroptimists), Bob Bruce (Astley Green Colliery), John O’Neill (Greenheart), Alex Miller (MBC), Ken Barston (Stubshaw Cross Residents group), Derek Wilde (Wigan Family History Society) ,Mary Pennington (Wigan Archaeological Society), David Shallcross (Leigh Ornithologfcal Society), Neil Forshaw (George Formby Society). Eileen Walsh & Eileen Bithel (BETS). Also present was the new Museums collections officer Louisa (MBC)
Joe Taylor (Billinge History Society), Richard Sivil (Atherton Heritage)
Matters discussed
Avis updated us about the progress of Tom Price who had a serious fall and is recovering in hospital.
Joe was chosen to represent us at the Greenslate Farm AGM
Avis asked about the Millenium Tapestries. Alex thinks most some were returned to the organisations that made them and others across schools, hospitals and similar places.
There was a general discussion about Wigan Market Cross, the Market Place and Wigan Pier and the importance of making sure young people and tourists know about local History.
It was agreed that Avis should contact the new CEO to make sure she knows about us.
Members’ news
Alex updated us on Leigh Town Hall. The building project is to start on March 1st and they are hoping to reopen late spring 2020. He also said they have lots of old copies of Past Forward to hand out to schools and similar places.
Neil said they are erecting a statue to Norman Harvey, also putting milestones along the Sankey canal.
John As well as the essay competition they are going to ask younger people to submit a photo and write about it in under 500 words.
Eileen & Eileen WW1 book now available. They are starting one about locals in WW2 and would like photographs or stories to use.
Mary handed out the latest newsletter and mentioned they are moving to the Bellingham.
Summer meeting
Avis suggested we should visit Vulcan (visit to be organised by Neil), on June 24th. This was agreed.